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Affordable Access, Exceptional Value

Our commitment to maintaining low tuition costs and offering many types of financial aid and scholarships—including more than 300 MC Foundation scholarship opportunities—helps ensure everyone has access to higher education. You have a wide range of options to collect the information you need to put yourself on the most efficient, cost-saving path. Tuition and fees vary, depending on the number of credit hours you take and your residency status, which is determined by information on the Admissions Application.

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Low Tuition Rates

Rates below are based on a full-time course load of 15 credit hours per semester, the number required to complete an associate’s degree in two years. Your tuition and fees may vary.

Value That You Can Afford
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Financial Aid

Financial aid is something you can secure—we will help you find your way. We offer many types of financial aid—grants, scholarships, student loans, and Federal Work-Study—to offset the cost of tuition, fees, and other expenses. In fact, grants and scholarships are the largest source of financial assistance for our students. We encourage you to meet with our counselors to discuss your financial aid options.

MC students are encouraged to apply for Pell Grants and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and to apply for state grants through the Maryland State Grants and Scholarship Office or the DC Tuition Assistance Grant office. 

Institutional awarded grants and scholarships at MC include more than 300 scholarships from the MC Foundation. You can apply for all of them by filling out one online application. 

There are many resources for finding various outside scholarships. While we can’t guarantee them, we encourage you to visit the resources and start your research.

MC Financial Aid Stats at a Glance
  • Montgomery College provided $72.7 million in financial aid to 18,628 students in fiscal year 2015
  • In FY 2015, 7,719 students received $8.7 million in scholarships; $5.2 million of all scholarship funding was provided by MC
  • 30% of MC students receive Pell Grants

Incoming Transfer Credit Options

Not only do we transfer nearly 5,000 students a year to four-year colleges and universities, we also take into account the path a student has already taken in reaching Montgomery College. As a degree-seeking student at Montgomery College, you can earn credit and advanced standing for prior learning to apply toward graduation. You may be able to use college-level course work that you have already completed to satisfy your Montgomery College degree requirements, or take the College-Level Examination Program test to receive credit for what you already know.

After you have submitted an official transcript from your previous educational experience, gained admission to Montgomery College, and declared a major, your transcript will be evaluated. You will then attend a counseling appointment to review the possibility of transferring your credits. 

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