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The Montgomery College and Montgomery Countly Public Schools partnership is pleased to offer the Early College Program to qualified MCPS students.  The Early College program is offered at all MC campus locations, and provides students an opportunity to graduate from high school with both their HS diploma and an associates degree from Montgomery College.  There are several pathways and degree tracks that students can choose from.   Transportation options are available.  Information sessions are also held prior to the start of the program where students can learn more about the program and degree options available.  


Before applying for the program, students should be able to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at an MCPS high school as a 10th grade student
  • Passed Mathematics and English state assessments. Depending on the pathway, advanced placements may be necessary.
  • Have an unweighted 2.75 high school GPA or higher
  • Met or be near completion of required high school SSL hours
  • Attended an Early College information session


The Early College Program is currently available to all MCPS high school students.  You will need to submit an Early College interest form, and attend an Early College information session related to their degree program choice.  Dates and deadlines for both can be found at the MCPS dual enrollment page, under the title "Early College".  From there, MC will review your interest form and program qualifications and will reach out to you if you meet all qualifications and eligibility requirements.  


The following Early College pathways are currently available.  Students should review the pathway and degree information carefully before making their decision.  Upon acceptance into the program students should inform their Early College rep of their choice of pathway; they will assist in admission and registration each semester.  

MC Rockville Early College Pathways:

  • Science - AS Mathematics Pathway and Degree information
    Students applying to this program should currently be enrolled in precalculus or a higher mathematics course; 
  • Secondary Education - AAT Mathematics Pathway and Degree information
    Students applying to this program should currently be enrolled in precalculus or a higher mathematics course;
  • Business - AA Business Pathway and Degree information

MC Germantown Early College Pathways:

  • Computer Science - AA Computer Science and Technologies Pathway and Degree information  
  • Cybersecurity - AAS Cybersecurity Pathway and Degree information

MC Takoma Park Early College Pathways:

  • Biological Science - AS Biological Science Pathway and Degree information
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography - AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography Pathway and Degree information
  • Nursing - AS Nursing Pathway and Degree information
  • Physical Therapy - AAS Physical Therapist Assistant Pathway and Degree information
  • Radiology - AAS Radiologic (X-Ray) Technology Pathway and Degree information
  • Surgical Technology - AAS Surgical Technology Pathway and Degree Information

Once you have reviewed the pathways and degrees, submit your Early College Interest Form.  Follow all instructions on the form and follow up with the indicated contact.

Contact Us

Comprehensive information and the Early College interest form can be found on the Montgomery County Public Schools dual enrollment webpage.  If you have any additional questions about Early College, please contact Ms. Amy Crowley for more information. 

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